- -
             |                                                                |
         o                                                                   -.-
                                                                    *         |  
                   ____________ ____________________________________           o
              <<  /         \  Y    /      \   /   /   /  /         \
                  \         /      /    /  /      /   /   \         /            O
                  /\      \/\     /       /      /       / \      \/              .
                 /         \/    /    ___/      /       /          \
      O          \_________/    /    / \___/___/\______/\__________/  >>
.                         \____/\___/                                           |
                                                          uP ROUGH             -*-

I've been active in the Demoscene for many years under the name syphus, though occasionally going by silo7, lightbomb, echolevel, and joey&splif. I'm a member of the demogroups Up Rough and Space Raiders, and I've been in BDSE, CpH and some others over the years. I'm not as active in the scene as I used to be, but occasionally I still find the time to write a tune or collaborate on a production. If you need to get in touch hit up echolevel.co.uk, or my instagram where I often post demoscene/chiptune-related stuff.

Here are most of my finished modules from the past few decades. ModLand and AMP have a bunch of unfinished and/or broken mods of mine - no idea how they ended up there and I wish they hadn't, but I've never been able to get them taken down. Oh well. So these ones are 'official', I guess. At the bottom of this page you can find YouTube playlists where video captures of almost all the tunes are grouped by tracker, and all in one big mixed playlist. When I get a minute, I'll write a bit of code to generate individual video links beside each module link. When I get time I'd like to put them all on YouTube so they're easier to listen to. Meanwhile:

For Amiga 4-channel MOD files, use 8bitbubsy's ProTracker 2 clone.
For FastTracker XM files, use 8bitbubsy's Fasttracker II clone.
For Impulse Tracker IT files, use Schism Tracker.
For AHX and HVL, use Xeron's HivelyTracker.
On Windows, XMPlay is a handy multiformat WinAmp-style player (though MODs with >64kb samples crash it)
On original hardware, you probably already know what you're doing :) 8bitbubsy's latest PT2.3F is necessary for recent mods with >64kb samples, and he's also done a very nice bugfix version of Fasttracker 2!

All: Amiga Protracker: MS-DOS FastTracker II: Amiga AHX (Abyss' Highest Xperience): Amiga HivelyTracker: MS-DOS Impulse Tracker: